My Kitchen In Fact

I wish to begin my blog with introducing you to the place I make food. My kitchen began its life as part of a small 1935 house. The house was moved to its current location in 1950 whereby additions were made to the living areas but the kitchen remained tiny and walled in. The actual square footage of the kitchen is 10′ x 9.5′, with the space usable by a standing human reduced to about 5′ x 5′. It’s not  big.

When the kitchen became mine, the wall separating it from the dining/living space was removed. This created the feeling of a great room, giving visual access to those not cooking. The upper cabinets were all removed, replaced by metal shelving, and the lower cabinets were replaced with white, clean put-together units from Ikea. These changes brought again a feeling of openness and breathing room and consequently, I’ve become creative with storage solutions for kitchen equipment.

The drawers hold the things I need at close reach on a daily basis. One large drawer holds utensils, working bowls, colanders etc. The other holds most of the baking supplies. The shelving holds cookbooks, kitchen towels, teapots, and various things hanging below them: oven mitts, spice rack, garlic basket, more utensils and a little shelf for the sourdough starter. I have two pantry spaces for dishes, electronics and non-perishable food items.  The counters need to be as bare as possible.

I have a used electric stove, supplemented by portable butane burners and an outdoor gas grill. I do have a microwave and a convection/toaster oven, though they reside in the basement area that is slowly being transformed into a secondary kitchen. My refrigerator is also used and is supplemented by a small chest freezer. I have a single sink and a fabulous Asko dishwasher. The countertops are maple but do dream of becoming concrete when the sturdier cabinetry arrives.

She’s by no means a show piece but many people have been fed well through our teamwork. I’m looking forward to what we can produce during this new year.

2 thoughts on “My Kitchen In Fact

  1. As someone who has received the fruits from this tiny kitchen, I would like to say it has inspired my bigger kitchen to be more fruitful and creative with its concoctions. The wonderful chef that works the magic in this tiny kitchen is to be commended for past epicurean delights and encouraged toward new tasty deeds for this new year. Bon Appetite!

  2. Your kitchen warms my heart as well as my tummy…..You have inspired me to my version of Culinary Greatness..=)

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