November is here. The backyard Maples have let go most their leaves, the clocks set back as Nature intended, the furnace regularly kicks on and the oven used without regret. Cold weather comfort foods return to the kitchen. The other night I made chicken pot pie. I love chicken pot pie. A flakey, buttery pastry marries creamy vegetable and chicken-laden veloute. What a better union?

I do have some pot pie rules.

Rule number 1: Chicken pot pie must, always and unequivocably, have a double crust. The top pastry keeps the steam confined to cook the vegetables. The pastry underneath collects the sauce, soaking it in.

Rule number 2: There needn’t be an over-variety of vegetables. Small-diced carrots, Stahlbush petite peas and some beans from my garden kept ready in the freezer. Too many veggies cause distraction from the tender poached chicken and the velvety sauce.

Rule number 3: Never think about calories or fat grams when eating pot pie. Savor the experience and just don’t have it too often!

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