Three Quarters

Concrete counters on the east side of the room, dishwasher drawer installed and functioning beautifully,  one of two undercounter fridges in place, the sink sitting in all it’s squared-line glory, the drawers crafted and sliding. IMG_1020Still to come another little fridge, drawer fronts, cupboard doors, and the remaining countertop, whose process began this last weekend!

IMG_1022We expect a new range and, eventually, some kind of shelving will attach to the walls. The project is moving along, and even though not 100% complete, the Tiny cleans up nice. I have a deadline of August 30th. I’m hopeful we’ll hit it. Here’s to Mr. DIY. Cheers!



Make Over

The Tiny is getting a redo. We’re going to be a little bit bigger. Unified hardwood with the rest of the house. A little more countertop made from concrete. Undercounter fridges and a big ass sink. Right now it’s a mess and I’m exhausted so I won’t finish my post on Kamut. Instead I’ll show you pictures. Of the mess. I’ll update when things are looking more kitchen-like and maybe I’ll finish my other posts. Cheers!

bringing reclaimed hardwood into the original kitchen space; spending a little quality time with the 80 yr old subfloor
cement work is detailed
the pour; can you imagine ever cooking in this space??